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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Main points:

1) 100% Spyware Removal Guarantee.

2) Daily Updates.

3) Free Unlimited Customer Support.

4) 60 day 100% Spyzooka Spyware detector money back guarantee.

Let's talk about each point...

The first one: BluePenguin Software, the provider of Spyzooka guarantees that 100% of the spyware you find in your PC will be removed. If you find a spyware that it can't remove, you can tell them and in 24h they will launch a free update to fix it. As they say, the guarantee doesn't cover just spywares but also "adware, keyloggers, trojan horses, worms, malware, hijackers, dialers, unwanted toolbars, rootkits, rogue antispyware, botnets, unwanted browser plugins and any other related threats."

Second point: This is to ensure maximum protection to you. The updates are done automatically by the software. They analyze over 100 million pages per day for new spyware threats every day (since 2004).

Third point: You have free unlimited support 24/7. If you don't find your answer in the FAQ, just contact them with your question.

Fourth point: The second most important point (as the first is spyware removal), for many. You have 60 days of guarantee to get your money back. This means, if the spyware is not removed from your computer, even after the update, they give your money back.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

How about making some extra money?

"Making some extra money". Doesn't it sound like music to your ears? Or better, as you read it, a sight for sore eyes? Making money through internet is not complicated. It's just a matter of knowledge. Search yourself and you'll find lots of real people, making real money and the best: proving to all of us that with knowledge and some work, it is POSSIBLE to earn some cash.
If you have knowledge, it just depends on how you work. And please...

Forget about "make nothing and earn cash". It doesn't exist. If you want some money, you'll have to do something to get it. And you will see here that it is easier than you ever thought...

First things first, how about having a blog?

Yes... having a blog is a good start! But don't worry if you don't have one yet. It's easy to create and easy to put your ideas in it. This blog is a proof =)

Note that throughout this post I will refer to website and blog, but don't worry. The steps shown here apply to both.

"But why would I have a blog?"

Simple. One way that people found to make money over the internet is by placing ads on their websites. That's why you would like to have a blog! If you have one, then you have a place to put some ads.

"Ok! And where can I create a blog?"

Go to and sign up with them. If you already have Google Account, you can enter your login and password to enable Blogspot services. Once you're in, the simple interface and easy settings will help you make your own blog.

"Right! I created my blog. What do I do now?"

Great. Now that you have your blog you're ready to meet AdBrite. You must be thinking "what AdBrite is?". I'll tell you. AdBrite is a service to both advertisers and publishers. Right now we'll talk about publishers.
As a publisher, you publish (wooah, amazing!). Seriously, all you have to do is put someone's ad on your site. Simple as that.

"And how am I supposed to make money with that!?"

As you publish ads on your site, people will see them (what is called "impressions") and will click them if they like it. If people click the ads on your page, AdBrite will pay you for that.
If you doubt, think about it: Advertisers pay AdBrite to show their ads. AdBrite need people to publish their ads on their websites. AdBrite pays people to do it. Advertisers keep creating ads with AdBrite. Everybody happy!

But I must say: if it came to your mind about bots clicking your own ads... forget it! They have ways to determine if the clicks are from real people (not bots, spider bots) and if they are from different people (not the same one clicking thousands of times).

"I want to publish AdBrite ads, where do I go?"

Right now you can access AdBrite clicking on the button below

As you see, AdBrite lets you really take control of your ad space, as you can accept or reject ads of showing up on your site. You will choose which of them will appear and which of them will not.
Total control of your Ad Space.

When you access their website you'll find lots of important information and you'll find this:

Click on "Learn more". Another page with other important informations will appear (basically their features). Read them if you want to and then press "Start Now". The sign up page will show up. Complete the form (with real data), read the terms and conditions and click on "I'm ready to create my ad zone!". At this time your account is created and you are asked to configure some things about the ads that will appear on your blog.

It's important for you to make the right choice when setting up the types of ads that you will show on your blog, how many, keywords and etc. It doesn't matter what kind of blog you have (about cars, travel, school, videos...), but it does matter what kind of ads you'll be showing up for your visitors. You don't want food ads to be displayed in your music blog (do you?).

"I signed up with AdBrite, but how can I put the ads on my blog?"

It's really simple. When you follow all the sign up steps (including ad settings) you will get the code you must put in your website to start showing some ads. It's just that. Get the code AdBrite gives you and put it within your website HTML. When using Blogspot, I recommend that you insert a gadget in your website. Find the best place to put it and that's it.

Note that AdBrite will take up to 24h to accept, active and start showing ads on the ad zone you selected.

"I don't know how to insert the gadget, can you help me?"

Yes. Using Blogspot, go to "Layout" section. There you'll find the link "Add Gadget". Click on it. A window will popup for to choose the type of gadget you want to insert. For this time, you'll select "HTML/JavaScript". Then, you can insert the title of the Gadget (if you want), and paste the code you got from AdBrite in the content box. Save it. In less than 24h your blog will be displaying ads.

It's essencial for you to have some material published in your Blog before putting the ads on it. If you don't have any, AdBrite will decline from putting ads on your website because it's blank. But don't panic! They will e-mail you telling about this, and will ask you to send an e-mail if you want them to review your website.

"Right! I got it and put the ads on my website! What now?"

Now you need to get traffic to your website. Here is what you have to do:

1) Tell your relatives, friends, co-workers about your website/blog.
2) E-mail all the people you know about it.
3) If you have joined any social network, tell everyone there about it.
4) Join a social network if you didn't.
5) Put your website in directories and search engines.
6) Put your website in forums.
7) Find out more ways to get visitors to your website. Find more information at

Please, remember to show people the link to your website when e-mailing them or when talking to them in social networks. Ex.:

"When and how will I receive my money?"

When you reach the mininum amount you chose before, AdBrite will send you a check. You can change the mininum amount at anytime by going to "Earnings" section. Be sure the mininum amount is above $5.00.

So, that's it. Hope I helped you make some extra money with this ideas!

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